Monday, August 25, 2008


The New Button

There's a brand new, red-bordered button that will be next to the comment link on each post. Yes, you too, can "hype it up." It being the post and where it will be hyped is here: Ballhype. I've noticed this on a number of sports blogs over the last year or so, and now is the time for a small Devils blogger to look askance at the big crowd, say "me too," and jump on in.

In any case, while there isn't much to report, I will say that I got a Ticketmaster update for the first Devils-Rangers contest of the year. OK, it's at Madison Square Garden. OK, it's actually just a preseason game. But it - along with the glorious return of college football (a.k.a. college foobaw) a sign that hockey will soon be upon us. It's only a few more weeks until training camp, everyone.

Tom Gulitti has an update with respect to Vitaly Vishnevski's future - and it's in Russia. Best of luck to Vishnevski. I personally thought he would definitely get a spot on a team in the league; but he wants to be in Russia so he that's where he should go. Interesting that the Devils won't buy out his contract; perhaps they don't need to because he's waived and is already off the cap? I do not know. Still, it was an amicable split and I sincerely hope Vishnevski brings the pain in the newly founded KHL.

The waiving of Vitaly Vishnevski has hit the Devlogosphere (I'm working on the name - and I didn't want to go with the George Clinton inspired Devilsblogginthefunkoutthisweb) hard. Jersey at Imperfect Dynasty uses a bad pun in summarizing the Vishnevski saga. Frank Pyzik at Section 209 is back from vacation and thinks the Capitals could use a guy like Vishnevski. Maybe so, but we won't find out this coming season. Hasan Numbers at Battle of NY takes a look of the current Devils' defense without Vishnevski. He's figuring Matthe Corrente is the next man in line, and he may be right come the end of September. Richard Adranga at Hell on Ice never really rated Vishnevski and thinks there may be more moves to come. With 8 possible defensemen on the roster on opening night, I could see another move being made. 2 Man Advantage just says goodbye to the Russian hit machine. Just to nitpick, Vishnevski wasn't a scratch that often, as he played the fourth most amount of games for the team; but he wasn't a great defenseman by any means.

Fortunately for all of us, we can re-live and re-create the Vishnevski style of play in the upcoming NHL 09. With their new "Be a Pro" trailer (source: Kotaku), you too can be the physical defenseman of your dreams. Or - as seen in the trailer - you can be like Sean Avery; though you can accomplish that by being a gigantic d-bag this side of the Jersey shore. Me? I'm not sure what style I want, but I'm more confident that his name has to be Manic Lehoux.

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