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The Front Office Sports Network is a growing organization that has namely focused on baseball with two separate sites for the sport. The first is MLB Front Office, which focuses on fantasy baseball, and a blog about what's going on in the world of baseball, Major League Report. Today, they just launched a site about the NHL - NHL Full Access. It just launched today and hopefully it'll grow into a massive site for the fans of the game, with articles focusing on each division, a blog for fantasy hockey called Rotopuck, and even a section for the minors.

Why am I so particular about this site than others? Well, namely because I'm a part of this one. I am currently writing a weekly article about the Atlantic Division every Monday for NHL. The first one is up and it's right here. That's right, you can read me actually trying to be unbiased and fair to the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers. It's a struggle. I'm still figuring out with how I want to approach the column; but I'll definitely try to have something to say every week. And if you have any suggestions about (or for) the column, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment. The worst that happens is that I don't read it or outright dismiss it, so you got nothing to lose, really. So check out NHL Full Access on a regular basis. Thanks to Kevin Orris for giving me this opportunity and for putting a lot of the site together.

Also, while I'm on the subject of talking about what I'm doing, you all should know that I have become a full season ticket holder of the New Jersey Devils. So that means fewer gameday posts and more "game review" posts. Something tells me that most of you won't mind that. However, it also means I got preseason tickets. I hope to make it to all of them so I can give you all some idea of how the prospects, fringe players, and regulars are doing before the season truly begins.

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Congratulations on the new column. I agree with your concern about writing for the NYR and PHI, but you'll do fine. I look forward to reading it in the future. Will you link from ILWT to the other column?
Good question, questionable name:

Yes, I plan on linking to my next article when it's up.
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