Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This. This is a Thing.

I found this on HFBoards. According to The Insider on Pittsburgh Sports, Devils legend Claude Lemieux is looking to return to the NHL at age 43. He's skating with the Phoenix Coyotes and seemingly wants to show the NHL that he still has enough in the gas tank.

In case this doesn't work, I have a modest proposal. I think the Devils should approach him with a role as a special assignment coach.

His assignment? Teach David Clarkson everything that he knows.

If he says no, maybe the Devils can find wherever Esa Tikkanen currently is (Korea? Finland? Luxemborg? Walla Walla?) and approach him for a similar role.

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What do you think Scotty Stevens is up to? I know he holds this title also, and from what I've seen on the blue line the past few years, it doesn't seem to be working!
Lemieux would be a great assistant!! I like your idea.
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