Sunday, October 05, 2008


Congratulations to Petr Vrana and Anssi Salmela

Petr Vrana and Anssi Salmela will be on the New Jersey Devils active roster starting this Friday, according to Gulitti. Both showed that they have the proverbial goods in preseason. Vrana looking good at both center and wing helped force Sutter's hand as versatility is something you'd want in an extra forward. I'm particularly impressed with Salmela because he didn't really shine right away. As the preseason went on, he got more notice and more of an impact.

Will either one start on Friday? I doubt it. I think the forward lines are set unless someone plays poorly, Vrana is a better match-up, or there's an injury. Even if Mike Mottau is still injured, Andy Greene and Sheldon Brookbank is still up with New Jersey so while it's more likely based on how he ended preseason, Salmela is still in competition for getting playing time.

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