Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Game's on the Radio

If it's still between 7 and 9:30 PM, go to the WFAN's site. That will give you the link to the streaming audio of tonight's game and to hear the sweet tones of Matt Loughlin and Sherry Ross. Devils-Islanders are in the middle of the first and the good guys are up 1-0 thanks to Zach Parise pouncing on a Islanders mistake. During a power play. Yes, it's a short handed goal and I believe the first this preseason. If I may refer to another blogger's schtick, Parise continues to have his sex on fire.

In the meantime, here's some more self-promotion. Frank at Pensburgh asked me for my thoughts about the Devils for the coming season. He's done the same for all the other team's in league and compiled them all into a big conference preview. Here's the Western conference and here's the Eastern conference, which includes me. Feel free to criticize my preview as I've done quite a bit of that over the last few weeks.

UPDATE: I wrote a second preview that is now up as of yesterday at Faceoff Factor. Jesse Marshall from the blog asked if I could give him a short one and I've obliged with something that has summarized the offseason well enough. It even has a bold prediction (note: not actually in bold). Check it out.

Lastly, a small anecdote. I recently got a copy of the NHL catalog, which shows off all the merchandise you could buy. One of their advertized items were jersey t-shirts (J-shirts?) with a faded look for hockey heroes of the past. Among those pictured included Hull' s#9 for Chicago, Howe's #9 for Detroit, and Hextall's #27 for Philadelphia. I didn't make that last one up. Of all the Flyers' players in the past, and among those to show off in the catelog, the people in charge picked...Ron Hextall.

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Thanks again for your contribution John. Much appreciated.

I also got that same catalog. I was more disgusted by those two rooms designed in all Flyers and Rangers crap. That's the thing nightmares are made of.
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