Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Vrana's Chances Just Got Better

Gulitti is your main source for news and the he's reporting the big news before tonight's pre-season game is that Fedor Fedorov's opportunity at becoming a Devils just went down drastically - specifically, drastically down to no longer existent. The Devils have too many forwards good enough for the NHL level and Fedorov didn't impress the team enough to find a spot for him. I felt he was OK in preseason so far; definitely putting in a good effort in each game. But he wasn't even the most impressive forward on the Trying to Make the Team Line. I think it's a class move for Lou to respect Fedorov's wishes for wanting to play in the NHL and have his agent to talk to others. It's much better than leaving him under contract and forcing a situation should Fedorov not want to report to Lowell.

In any case, this Gulitti post is important because it establishes that none of the top twelve forwards have been upseated yet and that many of the prospects are now working with Lowell. While nothing is guaranteed, if you're training with the minor leaguers, a start in the NHL isn't going to be likely unless injuries rear their always-ugly head. Incidentally, the notable prospect still with New Jersey? Petr Vrana. My guess in the NHL Full Access article is still alive! But it's bigger news for Vrana. Gulitti's assertion in yesterday's analysis of the players trying to make the team is holding true and the team is going to see if he can play wing tonight against the Islanders. Now's the time for Vrana to take it to the proverbial next level.

Incidentally, speaking of tonight's game, Martin Brodeur will play his first full 60 minute game tonight. Martin is still the Man and shall be referred to as such until he is no longer playing hockey. If you think Brodeur is just a system goalie, Pookie has a concise message for you at IPB. I endorse it.

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